Support WireSock Development

The WireSock project is dedicated to the development and support of a high-performance WireGuard VPN client for Windows and the WireSock VPN Gateway, both designed to enhance your online privacy and security. To continue improving and maintaining these projects, we rely on community support. Donations help cover development costs, server expenses, and ensure ongoing updates and new features.

Why Donate?

Your donation helps us cover the following costs:

  • Development Costs: Ensuring that WireSock is continuously updated with new features and security enhancements.
  • Server Expenses: Maintaining the infrastructure required to support WireSock.
  • Community Support: Providing assistance and updates to our user community.

Donation Methods


You can make a donation directly via


Bitcoin: bc1qakvqjktw39kpaap6ud9q3s69slzuhadxplaefr

Ethereum: 0xBb61078E1aafdC9e072F6aDc59d22aB33364efb6

Thank you for your support in keeping WireSock running!