Download WireSock VPN Client

Enhance your online privacy and security with WireSock VPN Client.

Available for various Windows platforms, WireSock VPN Client ensures a secure and fast connection. Choose the suitable version for your system from the options below.

Installation Options


Ensure you have the latest version of Winget. Install using Winget with:

winget install NTKERNEL.WireSockVPNClient

Direct Downloads for Every Windows Platform

Choose the version tailored for your system:

Need a User Interface?

For those who prefer a graphical user interface, we recommend downloading WireSockUI, which provides an integrated experience with WireSock VPN Client. Alternatively, you can use the TunnlTo desktop app, which runs WireSock CLI in the background.

Support and Assistance

If you encounter any issues or have questions during the download or installation process, our support team is here to help. Visit our support forum or check out our FAQs for quick assistance.

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Note: WireSock VPN Client is free for personal, educational, and non-profit use. For commercial use, please visit the Licensing page or contact us for licensing options.