WireSock VPN Gateway: Command Reference

Maximize Your VPN Gateway with Advanced Features and Commands

Other Useful Commands

Take your WireGuard experience to the next level with these powerful commands:

  • wg-quick-config -add -restart – Add a new peer and restart the WireGuard tunnel for immediate connectivity.
  • wg-quick-config -stop – Gracefully stop the WireGuard tunnel, ensuring a secure closure of your VPN connection.
  • wg-quick-config -start – Initiate the WireGuard tunnel, establishing your secure VPN connection swiftly.
  • wg-quick-config -qrcode 1 – Generate a QR code for the first client, simplifying the process of connecting mobile devices.

Switching Modes: From PROXY to NAT

For those requiring a change from the default PROXY mode to NAT mode, perform the following commands with Administrator privileges:

wiresock-service uninstall
wiresock-service install -start-type 2 -mode nat -interface wiresock -log-level none
sc start wiresock-service