WireSock VPN Client Release History


  • The wgbooster.dll interface has been enriched to provide extended functionality for EpexGUI. These enhancements enable the application to better manage the WireSock VPN Client and improve the user experience.


  • Support for non-ASCII characters in the path name of the Wireguard configuration file has been added to enhance compatibility on Windows systems.


  • Fixed bug in parsing IPv6 endpoint.


  • When running in application mode and the configuration file is missing or corrupted, the application exits, instead of trying to load the configuration again.
  • AllowedApps/DisallowedApps behavior has changed:
    1. If both AllowedApps and DisallowedApps are specified, packets that do not match the AllowedApps criteria are not forwarded to the tunnel.
    2. When a DNS server is specified in the configuration file, all DNS requests are forwarded through the tunnel. To change this default behavior, you can specify the process name of the DNS Client service (dnscache) in the DisallowedApps. In the latter case, DNS queries initiated by the DNS Client service will not be forwarded through the tunnel.


  • Updated to the latest Boringtun master branch (October 8, 2022).
  • Fixed a race condition when connecting to a WireGuard server in adapterless mode. This could lead to unwanted reconnections.
  • AllowedApps/DisallowedApps can now check path name instead of just filename. Path name validation is performed if at least one slash or backslash character is specified to prevent unwanted path/filename matches in certain environments.


  • Updated to Boringtun v0.5.2.
  • Added DHCP/ARP bypass (in the previous version, an active tunnel could prevent DHCP from working properly under some circumstances).