WireSock VPN Gateway: Quick Start Guide for Windows Server Core

Command-Line Configuration for Robust VPN Setup

Start PowerShell on Windows Server Core

Windows Server Core is optimized for a low-touch environment without a graphical interface. To begin, connect to your server via RDP, which will start a command prompt in Administrator mode. Enter the following to launch PowerShell:

start powershell.exe

Installation Options

For a streamlined installation experience, we offer two package manager options:

  1. Chocolatey
    • Install using Chocolatey with: choco install wiresockvpngateway
  2. Winget
    • Ensure you have the latest version of winget.
    • Install using Winget with: winget install NTKERNEL.WireSockVPNGateway

Manual Installation

Download and Install WireGuard Windows Client

The WireGuard Windows Client is essential for setting up your VPN server. To get the latest version, visit the WireGuard Windows Client MSI list page. Use the command below, adjusting it for your server’s architecture and the client’s version number:

Invoke-WebRequest "https://download.wireguard.com/windows-client/wireguard-amd64-x.x.x.msi" -OutFile "wireguard-client.msi"

For example, to download the WireGuard Windows client version 0.5.3 for AMD64, you would use:

Invoke-WebRequest "https://download.wireguard.com/windows-client/wireguard-amd64-0.5.3.msi" -OutFile "wireguard-client.msi"

After the download completes, install the client silently using:

MsiExec.exe /i wireguard-client.msi DO_NOT_LAUNCH=1 /qn

Download and Install WireSock VPN Gateway

To set up the WireSock VPN Gateway, execute the corresponding PowerShell command for your specific platform.

  • WireSock VPN Gateway for x64
    • Invoke-WebRequest "https://www.wiresock.net/sdc_download/921/?key=bekfpuvidq5x8ofg2u74j2lqk8zy9y" -OutFile "wiresock-gateway.msi"
  • WireSock VPN Gateway for x86
    • Invoke-WebRequest "https://www.wiresock.net/sdc_download/922/?key=hyilnmwdwh37yp3knckqrn5r53z081" -OutFile "wiresock-gateway.msi"
  • WireSock VPN Gateway for ARM64
    • Invoke-WebRequest "https://www.wiresock.net/sdc_download/923/?key=7m03u7cp7axlt2jhf62bc186gnx0s3" -OutFile "wiresock-gateway.msi"

Then, execute the installer with:

MsiExec.exe /i wiresock-gateway.msi /qn

Refresh Environment Variables and Start the WireGuard Server

To ensure your system recognizes the new installations, refresh the environment variables:

$env:Path = [System.Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariable("Path","Machine") + ";" + [System.Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariable("Path","User")

Now, set up your WireGuard server endpoint with the following command, and remember to note the UDP port number:

wg-quick-config -add -start

Port Forwarding and Server Port Configuration

For external access to your VPN, set up port forwarding by following the guide for your home router or VPS provider.

Port Forward the WireGuard Server Port

It’s crucial to open and forward the WireGuard server port:

  • For a home PC setup, forward the UDP port (or your custom port) to your local PC.
  • On a VPS, forward the port and open the firewall through the admin panel.
  • With DDNS, reconfigure it to point to the new port.

By following these steps, you’ll establish a robust and secure VPN server using WireSock VPN Gateway on Windows Server Core.