WireSock VPN Gateway

Transform Your WireGuard Client into a Powerful VPN Server

Welcome to the WireSock VPN Gateway, where we extend the capabilities of the WireGuard Client for Windows into a fully-fledged VPN server. This innovative solution allows your Windows machine to share its Internet/LAN connection with WireGuard clients, effectively operating as a VPN server. The setup is quick, the process is user-friendly, and the gateway is free*.

While WireGuard does not natively support server functionality on Windows, WireSock VPN Gateway bridges this gap. It circumvents the limitations and complexities associated with the standard Windows Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) when attempting to use WireGuard in a server role. Our gateway offers a simplified and more efficient alternative, ensuring a smooth and stable VPN experience.

Use Cases

  • Internet Sharing: WireSock VPN Gateway empowers your Windows host, when configured as a VPN server, to seamlessly share its internet connection with WireGuard clients, thereby offering them a secure and rapid access to both LAN and internet resources.
  • Remote Connection Routing: It also allows you to route your internet connection through a remote Windows machine, facilitating secure and private browsing, as well as access to network resources from any location.

Quick Start Guides and Resources

To assist you in configuring and optimizing your WireSock VPN Gateway, we offer detailed guides:

By utilizing these resources, you can unlock the full potential of your WireGuard Client, transforming it into a secure and efficient VPN server with WireSock VPN Gateway.


WireSock VPN Gateway is free for personal (non-commercial), or educational (including non-profit organization) use.


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